Film update

So, at last I’ve finally got a cameraman scheduled to film on Wednesday for my film production unit film. I know him from my English class and I told him about my project and he seemed really keen to see it, so, me being short on Cam crew, I asked him and he agreed. I’ve almost gathered all my materials for the project too, I just need to purchase a fake set of Night Vision goggles and I’m all set for acting as Agent Sam Fisher, Splinter Cell’s protagonist. The film is mostly going to be improvised on set but with some scripted moments and criteria, and I may even start filming the intro scene. I plan to film it and edit the final cut in around 3 or 4 weeks, possibly longer. I’ll have to write all my ideas down since I have quite a few.

Aside from that, I have an English GCSE exam to prepare for and I’ve sat my Maths exam too recently. I also need to neaten up my Photography folder/portfolio, which I doubt will take very long, roughly a month or less solidly on it, which I’m sure I’ll do by the time College ends for this year.

So, now that all that’s out of the way, I’ll be updating a lot more while I do things possibly every 2 weeks or so, and updating other posts too as I progress.

Thanks for reading so far

~ Conor


First Update in a while

This week so far, I’ve been looking at Photography techniques such as shutter speeds, minature photography and other things such as more darkroom development. Also, I’m working on a printed advert based on the 007 movies, and arranging for a cameraman for my low budget film, Splinter Cell: Mission Failed.

As usual, thanks for following my posts, see you (the reader) again soon.

~ Conor.

Update for May 18th

Today I’ve written up a task in my Photography unit about Pentax K1000 Cameras, the history of photography and other points in that area. I’ve essentially been reviewing the camera unit itself, pointing out the features of it and how it works. I just need to write a questionaire about it and hand it about to some people to gather results.

I’ve been researching about film posters, British Advertising Research Board (BARB) and as well in my Core unit.

Aside from that, I’m just tying off a few loose ends and finishing some documents.

So that’s all for now

~ Conor.

Update for 9th February

This week I’ve been working on a project on Games perspectives and camera angles and well as deconstructing my own games (Stalker and Borderlands 2) and making my own game (Equestrian Apocalypse) and also, in Helen’s photo sessions producing a Black Metal music inspired photoshoot. The results will be up here soon.

~ Conor

Update for 21rst November~

Last week, I learnt how to process film in the traditional method, by using various chemicals, a tub, a dark box and my hands (not being able to see, relying on my hands just to find things inside the box). I realised afterwards that before Digital SLR Cameras where invented, Photos where much more difficult to develop and took a very long time. I also got on with some research too on Game Terrain. 

On Friday, I drew out some concept artwork for my Film derived Project, they take time to draw too, and soon I’m going to scan them, as well as some other tasks for it. Today I’ve produced a Poster about Terrain in Games using STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl as an example on the poster itself.

I’ve recently got into Netflix as well on my Laptop, PS3 and IPad, it works well and I watch a lot of films on there. That’s all for now, well all I can think of.

Update for 14th November~

On The weekend I got my New Laptop!! It’s on Vista and I’ve managed to download Mozilla Firefox and Plugins like Java, Flash and Adobe Shockwave. I’ve managed to run 3D games on Shockwave like Half Life, Diablo, Hopeless 2, (Call of Duty/ Battlefield clone), Phosphor (Halo Clone) and Apocaypse City (Fallout mulitplayer clone). Also, I’ve managed to play my first Yu Gi Oh duel today, I’m finding the game a bit confusing but I’m hoping to understand how to play better and I might get my own deck one time. I’ve been researching Game Controllers too, and I’m now researching Game Terrain.